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New buildings

Most new buildings will require Building Regulations approval. This covers areas such as fire and structural safety, drainage, ventilation and energy efficiency. You will need to apply for Building Regulations approval if any of the following apply to your new building:

  • It will provide sleeping accommodation.
  • It is a single storey building with a floor area over 30m².
  • It has more than one storey.
  • It has a floor area of more than 15m², and could present a fire risk (see Building Regulations Exemptions for detailed specification)

Exemptions for new buildings

A few small new building projects are exempt from Building Regulations. These include:

  • small detached buildings with no sleeping accommodation, such as a garage or workshop
  • greenhouses which are not used for packing, retail or exhibiting
  • agricultural buildings used only for keeping animals
  • nuclear shelters

For additional technical guidance on the requirements for the dimensions, materials, siting or methods of construction of small detached buildings, see Building Regulations Exemptions.

Apply online

The quickest and easiest way to make your application is to do it online. The websites below both act as a portal for electronic Building Regulations application submission to most local authorities. Choose either site, but you do not need to apply more than once. The process is simple:

  • Complete the free registration procedure.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to upload an electronic copy of the plans for your project.
  • We will contact you within five working days to arrange payment of the Building Regulations application charge.
  • If you have any queries about the electronic plans submission process, please contact the Building Control Section.

Apply through the Planning Portal

Apply through the Submit-a-Plan website

If you would prefer to apply another way, please return to How to apply on the Do I need Building Regulations approval? page for further advice. 

Planning permission

Please note that although your building may not need Building Regulations approval, you should still check if you need planning permission before starting work.