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Do I need Building Regulations approval?

Check your project

Most types of work will require Building Regulations approval. Select your project from the list below to learn more about the reasons why building control may be necessary, to help deliver safe, high quality work, in return for the disruption and expense of having building done at your property.

For the full specification of what is covered by the Building Regulations, please see the technical notes for professionals in the Technical guidance section.


Some building work does not need Building Regulations approval. To find out if this applies to your project, refer to the section on Building Regulations exemptions.

Contact Building Control if you are unsure whether your work will need Building Regulations approval.

Retrospective applications

If you have already started, or even completed, your building work, you can still apply for Building Regulations approval. This is called a Regularisation application. A member of the council's Building Control team will come and inspect the work, to ensure that it is compliant with Building Regulations. Without your Regularisation Certificate, the building work is classed as unauthorised, and could cause you legal problems now or when you come to sell your property. 

How to apply


Applying online is the quickest and easiest way to get your Building Regulations approval.

If you use our dedicated online application service for Building Notice applications, we will calculate the fee for your type of application, and you can pay securely and immediately. Your application will appear on the council's register, and we will let you know what you can expect from the whole process. The following types of projects are suitable for this type of submission: 

  • Adding extensions of one or more storeys
  • Adding a garage or carport
  • Converting a garage into living accommodation
  • Structural alterations which involve inserting or removing a beam

Apply online

If your project isn't in the list above, you can still apply online through the Planning Portal, or the Submit-A-Plan website. Choose either site, but you do not need to apply more than once. The process is simple:

  • Complete the free registration procedure.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to upload an electronic copy of the plans for your project.
  • We will contact you within five working days to arrange payment of the Building Regulations application charge.
  • If you have any queries about the electronic plans submission process, please contact the Building Control Section.

Apply through the Planning Portal

Apply through the Submit-a-Plan website

By telephone

If you would to talk through the details of your project before applying, call us on 01225 477517. One of our team will guide you through the application procedure and tell you what you can expect from the whole process.

By email or post

You can make your Building Regulations application by completing this application form. Submit by email, together with electronic copies of any plans you have for your project, to

Or, if you prefer, send a completed printed copy of the application form and paper copies of your plans to us at Building Control, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG. If you choose to apply by post, please keep extra copies of all of your paperwork yourself. 

We will contact you within five working days to arrange payment of the Building Regulations application charge.

Using a Competent Person

Using an approved Competent Person to do many routine building jobs means that your contractor can certify the work as Building Regulations compliant. It is essential to check the status of your contractor, and ask if they have appropriate certification to manage this, before starting any work. 

Next Steps

We aim to respond to all applications, whichever method you choose to apply, within five working days. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the building control process or how to apply, please don't hesitate to call us on 01225 477517, and we will do everything we can to help.

Planning permission

Please check if you also need planning permission before starting work.