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Change of use

There are statutory requirements for health and safety, to make buildings safe for those who live or work in them. Any change of use of a building, particularly if bringing it into public use, will need Building Regulations approval. Typical examples include converting a building to:

  • a dwelling
  • a flat or maisonette (including a change in the number of dwellings within a building)
  • a hotel or boarding house
  • an institution (such as a nursing home or hospital)
  • a public building (such as a theatre, school or place of public worship)
  • residential rooms (such as hotel rooms or residential homes), including a change in the number of rooms 
  • a shop

To find out more detailed information on the technical requirements, see Building Regulations Approved Documents or our Technical guidance pages.

Apply online

The quickest and easiest way to make your application is to do it online. The websites below both act as a portal for electronic Building Regulations application submission to most local authorities. Choose either site, but you do not need to apply more than once. The process is simple:

  • Complete the free registration process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to upload an electronic copy of the plans for your project.
  • We will contact you within five working days to arrange payment of the Building Regulations application charge.
  • If you have any queries about the electronic plans submission process, please contact the Building Control Section.

Apply through the Submit-a-Plan website

Apply through the Planning Portal

If you would prefer to apply another way, please return to the Do I need Building Regulations approval? page for further advice. 

Planning permission

Please check if you also need planning permission before starting work.